(Picture by Kyra)

(Picture by Kyra)

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Anonymous asked: "Is it weird that my hedgehog pees and poops where she sleeps? I've tried to litter train her but she just goes where she sleeps"

This happens sometimes with young hedgehogs, because they have to get used to their new surrounding and they don’t have full control over their bladder/bowel movements yet. With some time it will most likely stop. However, if it happens with an adult hedgehog that you didn’t recently adopt, it is possible that (s)he is ill. I hope this helps you!

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(Picture by Kyra! I really like how this picture turned out after I edited it. Kiwi is so pretty and Kyra did such a great job! ^-^)

(Picture by Kyra! I really like how this picture turned out after I edited it. Kiwi is so pretty and Kyra did such a great job! ^-^)

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(Picture by Kyra)

(Picture by Kyra)

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Anonymous asked: "Hi! I'm thinking about getting a hedgehog and I know people say it doesn't matter the gender but is there a gender you would rather prefer? (I love your account by the way! And Kiwi is sososo cute!!)"

I don’t really mind, there isn’t really a big difference. Gender isn’t important, as long as they have a personality that suits you I think. All hedgehogs are cute! :) (However, some people may not like male hedgehogs because they masturbate). Thanks for your kind words!

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bring-back-the-bomb asked: "Does your hedgie run from you whenever you open her cage? Sometimes mine will run in her house or under her wheel!"

Yes, that’s very common. Kiwi often freezes instead of running away to hide. She thinks no one can see her that way! Once she realizes it is me, everything is fine again though :)

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Picture by Kyra

Picture by Kyra

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Hi! If you don’t know your hedgehogs gender, you can look at his/her stomach. Male hedgehogs have a big ‘bellybutton’, female hedgehogs don’t. I don’t really know what I can help you with! If you haven’t, you can read my care info page, and my F.A.Q, maybe that’s useful. If you have any specific questions, you can always ask me of course. About the ball: I wouldn’t use them. Most hedgehogs don’t like them, they get scared because they can’t escape (that’s often why they run in it, because they try to get out), their nails get stuck in the slits and ripped out and because they poop while running, the ball starts to smell really bad inside for the hedgehog. If you have a ball smaller than 12”, it can also hurt their back. If she can play in a playpen and has a nice wheel, she doesn’t need it for exercise. I hope this help you, if you have any more question you can always ask!

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Anonymous asked: "Thank you so much for answering my question so nicely and informatively! I think it's great that you're so kind with answering people's questions about care, or about the whole thing of keeping hedgehogs. It's just so lovely to encounter a blog owner who is so friendly and helpful. I hope you have a lovely day!"

Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you! Lots of love from me and Kiwi :)

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Anonymous asked: "Is it mean to keep hedgehogs as pets if they're naturally wild animals? Would they not be happier in the wild? (this isn't an attack, this is me being ignorant and wanting to understand why it's okay to keep them as pets, as I presume you believe it is!)"

Hey! I want to tell that I’m glad that you ask nicely instead of attacking :) I agree with you that wild hedgehogs, like the European hedgehog, should live in the wild. They are not pets, and they probably won’t be happy if they don’t live in the wild. However, African pygmy hedgehogs (Kiwi’s species) are not wild animals. They don’t exist in the wild, they are a domesticated species. They are not wild animals, they are actually pets. They probably wouldn’t survive in the wild, and definitely not in places that are not around 25°C all year round. I don’t think it is mean to keep a hedgehog, as long as they are cared for properly of course. I can’t speak for others, but I also think that Kiwi actually is happy being my/a pet. She loves to cuddle, she feels safe around me, and she is cared for properly. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to live in the wild. I hope this explains my stand on it, and I hope you understand it better now :)

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